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CRETACEOUS & BEYOND: Vertebrate Paleontology of the northern Western Interior

CRETACEOUS & BEYOND: Vertebrate Paleontology of the northern Western Interior - A symposium in Dickinson ND, Fall 2019.

The Badlands Dinosaur Museum in Dickinson, North Dakota, plans to host a conference on North American Cretaceous and Paleogene vertebrate paleontology, sometime around September 2019. The emphasis will be on the evolution, ontogeny, and paleoecology of vertebrates from the Late Cretaceous and Paleogene of North America. Presentations on relevant non-vertebrate fields such as stratigraphy, palynology, paleobotany, and invertebrate paleontology will also be welcome. (more details in survey, link below)

If you are interested, please complete the survey about ideal dates (Aug-Oct 2019) and some questions on format & planning. Based on response, we expect to announce formal dates around December/January.

Thank you.

Denver Fowler & organizing committee

Conference Survey - Badlands Dinosaur Museum presents “Cretaceous and Beyond: Vertebrate Paleontology of the Northern Western Interior”

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American Society of Mammalogists

We approached the leaders of the ASM, and they agreed to have us to meet jointly with them at their June 2020 meeting (June 5-9, 2020) in Boulder, Colorado. As part of this joint meeting, we proposed a special SSME plenary session that would highlight some of the cutting-edge research happening in our society and hopefully interest you and serve as further incentive for attending.  Of course, the ASM will welcome poster and platform presentation contributions from SSME members at the meeting as well.

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1st Conference on Wild and Domesticated Mammal Hair

The WDMH Conference 2019 will be the premier interdisciplinary forum for scientists and practitioners who use mammal hair samples for their investigations. It will provide an ideal academic platform for researchers to present the latest research findings, methodologies, developments and directions in identifying the wild and domesticated mammal hair by morphological and molecular methods.

By attending the 1st Wild and Domesticated Mammal hair conference, you will have an opportunity to meet with colleagues, to discuss and refine our knowledge in this field of science and share your new findings.

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to Oct 13

Central Plains Society of Mammalogists (CPSM) Annual Meeting

  • Oklahoma State University (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Local hosts are Sue Fairbanks and Kelly Boyer.

The official announcement, call for abstracts, details of registration, and meeting itinerary will be posted by 31st August, 2018, on the CPSM website (

The purpose of the Central Plains Society of Mammalogists is to foster, encourage, and promote the study and conservation of mammals in the Central Plains region, which includes the states of Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

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9:00 AM09:00

SICB Division of Vertebrate Morphology First European Regional Meeting

The inaugural Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Division of Vertebrate Morphology European Regional meeting with be held at the Natural History Museum in London on 11 May, 2018. Join us for a day of discussions and presentations encompassing all aspects of vertebrate morphology: from anatomy and systematics to biomechanics, physiology, evolution, palaeontology, development, ecology and much more! Scientists of all academic levels from undergraduate and up are encouraged to attend! 

The meeting will consist of keynote talks from Nadia Fröbisch, Frietson Galis, Susannah Maidment and Jacqueline Moustakas-Verho, as well as 5-minute lightning talks from our attendees. Head to for information on how to submit your talk title to the program.

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to May 10

Sexual selection: patterns in the history of life

  • Kavli Royal Society Centre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Sexual selection is potentially an important driver of macroevolutionary processes like speciation and extinction, but this has rarely been tested using the fossil record. This meeting will bring biologists and palaeontologists together to discuss sexual selection’s role in macroevolution, how to detect it in extinct animals and how to measure its influence on the history of life across geological time.

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